Natural Wild Rice in Minnesota – a new resource is added

Natural Wild Rice in Minnesota

Description: A Wild Rice Study document submitted to the Minnesota Legislature by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (February 15, 2008). To study natural wild rice in Minnesota, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MNDNR) established a Technical Team of wild rice experts from State, Tribal, and Federal governments, as well as academia and the private sector. The MNDNR also established a Partnership Team representing major stakeholders. This document is a report of the study that includes: (1) the current location and estimated acreage and area of natural stands; (2) potential threats to natural stands, including, but not limited to, development pressure, water levels, pollution, invasive species, and genetically engineered strains; and (3) recommendations to the house and senate committees with jurisdiction over natural resources on protecting and increasing natural wild rice stands in the state.


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