The first follow-up workshop for Wild Rice (Manoomin) – Sept 9th-10th

On Sept 9th-10th CYCLE teachers attended the first follow-up workshop for Wild Rice (Manoomin) curriculum. The first day of the workshop were held in the Bemidji State University, MN at Sept 9th. The CYCLE instructors shared curriculum resources for Wild Rice curriculum development with the teachers.The teachers were encouraged to share their experience of teaching wild rice and what other resource they needed to improve their wild rice curriculum for teaching climate change.
The second day of the workshop was for practicing wild ricing and learning the processes for wild rice production.

First, the teachers were gathered at the Bug-o-nay-ge-shig High school (Leech Lake, MN) to learn the tools (knockers, pole, basket etc) and processes of wild ricing (parching, dancing on rice, fanning, etc).

While doing this, the teachers were also asked many questions about the differences between peddy rice (produced by farming) and naturally grown wild rice.

After that, the teachers moved to the Mud Lake to wild ricing. We had 9 canoes for the teachers.

As a group of two teachers (one for knocking and one for poling), the teachers gathered wild rice from the lake.

After the wild ricing, we were also discussing about historic reduce of wild rice and climate change.

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