Lake Core Analysis in LacCore Laboratory at the University of Minnesota

The first group of the CYCLES teachers for lake core analysis visited LacCore laboratory at the University of Minnesota at Feb 11th to analyze the Lake Itasca’s lake sediment cores. The second group of the teachers will visit to do same analysis at Feb 25th.  The lake core analysis workshop was started by Dr Amy Mybro’s presentation of the importance of studying lake cores for constructing past climate and description of the process of the lake core sampling at different geological locations as well as different seasons (on water or ice). After the presentation, the real analysis of the sediment core from Lake Itasca started by cutting the core’s plastic tube using a safe cutting machine. After cutting the core by half, the core were analyzed under different high tech machines to describe it’s color, chemical composition, magnetic minerals, density, etc. Teachers described the lake cores using a worksheet developed by the LacCore, made the smear slides using a part of the sediment they picked, analyzed the slide under high resolution microscope.

Please find detailed process of analyzing the lake core from the Initial Core Description website of the LacCore:

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