First Follow Up: The Project WET Curriculum Training

The STEM Education Center at the University of Minnesota in collaboration with the Department of Natural Resources facilitated the Project Wet workshop for the CYCLES teachers. This workshop was the first of the five follow-ups after the annual summer workshop at Itasca Biological Research Station, for the teachers enrolled in the CYCLES project. This workshop was held at the American Indian Resource Center at the Bemidji State University, Bemidji and was led by April Rust, the Minnesota coordinator for Project Wet who provided hands-on, interactive lessons focused on water resources and their management.

The Project WET activities addressed water’s chemical and physical properties, quantity and quality issues, aquatic wildlife, ecosystems, cultural issues, and management strategies. Along with promoting the understanding of water resources in Minnesota, this workshop was a showcase of variety of inquiry –based formats, such as large and small group learning, whole-body activities, laboratory investigations and discussion of local and global topics, which not only improved the understanding of water resources but also modeled inquiry-based teaching in the classroom.


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