2nd Follow-up Workshop: Will Steger Curriculum

CYCLES_12-1-12_DSC_0368CYCLES 2nd follow up workshop was facilitated in partnership with the Will Steger Foundation located in Minneapolis, MN. Ms. Kristen Poppleton, Director of Education presented the workshop to the CYCLES cohort through an environmental education perspective. The Will Steger institute emphasizes on education, interdisciplinary approach and cultivating an environmental responsible citizenship among learners. Staying true to their commitment, Ms. Poppleton guided the teachers for teaching various middle and high school activities about climate science using an interdisciplinary, place-based and experiential approach.  Her activities were focused on building awareness, attitudes and skills toward adaptation and mitigation of global climate change. The workshop also provided climate change interdisciplinary curricula and books for grades 3-12 free of cost to teachers. Aligned with national standards, the state standards and the climate literacy principles, each curriculum has been reviewed by educational organizations and partners. More information about Will Steger institute and their educational programs can be found on their website http://willstegerfoundation.org/


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