James Allen

James Allen grew up mostly in Alaska, where his mother is originally from and is of Inupiat heritage.  He went to Creighton University for his bachelors in mathematics, and then worked as a management intern for his Alaska Native regional corporation (ASRC).  He then finished a masters in mathematics (with a more applied track) from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and has now begun a program of study in mathematics education (along with pure mathematics coursework) at the University of Minnesota.

He has diversified his educational and career interests to include
mathematics education and diversity programs, since he is of Alaska
Native heritage, and has been the beneficiary of such programs
himself.  James Allen enjoys the projects he is involved with, such as
the NASA Global Climate Change Education and Reach for the Sky, and
also the opportunity to connect with the Native community in
Minnesota.  He also is researching and developing a mentoring program
for all Native Americans on the campus of the University of Minnesota.

In his spare time, James Allen enjoys traveling, people and their
cultures and histories, swimming, and the big city.