Summer 2011

The summer workshop is held at the Cedar Creek Ecosystem Reserve from July 11 – 15.The grant covers travel, food and lodging for teachers on site at Cedar Creek.

The professional development start on the evening of July 10 with a Climate Change presentation using NASA data in the Exploradome. The Exploradome provides an immersive 3D experience with NASA data. As the dome is portable we can arrange for the dome to come to your schools during the school year.


Teachers have opportunities to explore the diverse biomes of Cedar Creek: prairie, boreal forest and hardwood forests and learn to use GLOBE protocols to collect data. GLOBE kits are available for teachers to use in their classrooms with students.

Teachers explore on-going experiments looking at the impacts of climate change on these biomes. For example, the BioCON test rings. Each plot contains a different number of native prairie species and is treated with different levels of N and CO2 to determine the impact of changing climate on biodiversity.